As of May 2023, there are several major medical centers in Europe that specialize in CAR T-cell therapy. However, it's challenging to definitively say which is the "biggest" in terms of patient volume, staff size, or number of successful treatments. Factors like the range of available therapies, research involvement, and international reputation could also contribute to a center's standing.

Some prominent medical centers in Europe known for their expertise in hematology and oncology, and which may offer CAR T-cell therapy, include:

  • Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin in Germany
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, UK
  • University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands
  • Institut Gustave Roussy in Villejuif, France
  • Hospital Clínic de Barcelona in Spain

Each of these centers is involved in cutting-edge research and provides a range of treatments, potentially including CAR T-cell therapy.

While Israel is not geographically in Europe, it often collaborates with European countries in various sectors, including healthcare and research. In the context of medical treatments like CAR T-cell therapy, Israel is considered a leading country with several reputable medical centers offering advanced therapies. One of the most notable medical centers in Israel for CAR T-cell therapy is the Sheba Medical Center, also known as Tel HaShomer Hospital. It is one of the largest hospitals in the Middle East and has a strong focus on research and innovation, particularly in the field of oncology. Sheba Medical Center has been involved in clinical trials and the application of CAR T-cell therapies for various types of cancers.

Another center in Israel offering CAR-T treatments is Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.

If you're considering these hospitals in the same context as European centers, they are highly competitive in terms of expertise, research, and range of available treatments.